ARDEBILI Engineering - Services

While we know that every project will have its own unique nuances and challenges, we believe that there should be an underlying effort and consistency in the way that we work. Our approach to services for all projects includes listening, learning, planning, exploring, designing, coordinating, and delivering. We use the most efficient and cost-effective designs, but realize that different types of projects have different priorities. In all cases, we consider quality, cost, life span, maintenance requirements, and energy efficiency. Let’s engineer the future together.


Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality

Chilled & Heated Water Systems

Heating & Cooling Load Calculations

Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Central Plant System Design

Site Evaluation

Space Pressurization Control

Humidity & Dehumidification Control

Temperature Control & Specifications

Underfloor Air Distribution

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Distribution


Isometric Diagrams

Compressed Air Systems

Storm Water Drain Systems

Natural Gas & Propane Piping Design

Domestic Water & Waste Piping Design

Medical Gas Piping Systems

Sustainable Plumbing Design

Booster Pump Systems


Interior & Exterior Lighting Analysis

Lighting Systems & Control Design

Emergency Egress Calculations

Energy Code Compliance Evaluation

Interior & Exterior Lighting Design

Lighting Design Review

Solar System Design

Power System Design & Distribution

Hazardous Classifications

Clean Room Applications

Emergency & Standby Power Generation

Existing Systems Evaluation

Electrical Equipment System Design

Motors & Motor Control Centers

Load Calculations

Fault Current & Short Circuit Calculations